2366 MEDIA

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does all your new posts go?

All of our content goes on Instagram and/or Facebook. We utilize Twitter for updating on active or on going incidents, and if possible will redirect them to the agency that is handling that situation. While we do have a Youtube account, it is used for uploading high definition videos of our content.

Do you have a news letter, or subscription service?

We do not have a news letters or subscription service, all of our content can be viewed for free on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or Twitter.

Do you have a tip line?

We do not have a tip line, but you can email us information or questions. Click here to email us.

Will you remove content upon request?

If there is content you wish to have removed please contact us by email with your request. Click here to email us.

Why don't you have your content on your website?

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube already have a major user base, and are one of the easiest way to share news to your local community. At this time we don't see any purpose of moving foot traffic directly to this website, but are not opposed to the idea in the future.

Does this website use cookies?

We do not use cookies on this website. We use Google for CAPTCHA on certain functions on this website that may use cookies. If you do not know what cookies are, than it most likely does not pertain to you at all. You can learn more about HTTP Cookies from Wikipedia by clicking here.

Will any of this information change?

Like most websites their terms of service, F.A.Q., and code of conducts may change from time to time without notice. This was last updated on September 10th, 2020.