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#MOORPARK At approximately at 10:14PM on 10-17-2020 a report of a vehicle had gone off road and into the Arroyo River basin on the south end of S Moorpark Ave. @VCSheriff were first on scene of the incident and found the driver to not visibly be injured, they began to take statements from him and bystanders who claim to have witnessed the entire incident. Bystanders claimed the driver was going over 60mph and had ramped over the curb and onto the dirt through a fence until he had landed his vehicle into the river basin. @VenturaCountyFire and @AMRVentura evaluated the driver but was deemed to be without major injury and went AMA. @VCSheriff began doing DUI tests on the driver to determine if he was under the influence of any drugs or alcohol, and deemed that he was indeed under the influence and was detained peacefully and arrested. Local towing company Swink’s Towing was dispatched by @VCSheriff to get the vehicle out of the river basin, and it was quite a long job for the tow truck and it’s driver, but eventually they did successfully get the vehicle out! #VCSO #VCSheriff #Sheriff #SheriffDeputy #TrafficCollision #TrafficAccident #VehicleCollision #VehicleAccident #CarAccident #CarCollision #Towing #SwinksTowing #VenturaCountyFire #VCFD #VCFire #FireDepartment #AMA #AMR #AmericanMedicalResponse #DUI #DrivingUnderTheInfluence #DriveSoberorGetPulledOver #UI #DWI #DrivingWhileIntoxicated #Cops #Police #2366MEDIA #BreakingNews

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#LOSANGELES A ‘Defend the Los Angeles Police Department’ event was held at Elysian Park off of Solano Canyon Dr in Los Angeles. The event was held between 10am to 2pm and was attended by around one thousand attendees, this also included high command members of @LAPDHQ, such as @lapdchiefmoore, who had a wonderful speech (is not captured due to technical camera difficulties) at the event. The event provided free food and drinks for all patrons, coloring tables for kids, LAPD support type merchandise, and a local band performance, including the Los Angeles Police Emerald Society Pipes and Drums as secondary musical performance. Defend the LAPD event is a non-profit group that encourages the support of law enforcement; mainly the Los Angeles Police Department agency. During the event, anti-police protesters began to clash with police and police supporters which resulted in many people leaving to avoid trouble. The anti-police protesters did leave after more police and park rangers began showing up breaking up any potential fights. The event was also supported by @vcsfoundation & @porschewestlake who brought their Sgt Ron Helus memorial Porsche 911. These photos were taken on a Canon 90D shot in RAW/manual format. These photos/videos are free to use with watermarks, for watermarkless photos/videos please email us at contact@2366media.com for more information. #LAPD #LAPDHQ #LosAngelesPoliceDepartment #Police #Cops #Cop #DefendTheLAPD #ANTIFA #2366MEDIA #LAPOLICE #CHIEFMOORE #MEDIA #BREAKINGNEWS #VIOLENCE #RIOTS #LARIOTS #DefendThePolice #DefendTheCops #BlueLivesMatter #ThinBlueLine

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