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#SIMIVALLEY At approximately 10:00PM on 09-25-2020 @SimiValleyPD attempted to do a traffic stop on a grey 2000-2010 model Honda Accord, unknown reason why the traffic stop was conducted in the first place. The suspect ignored and refused to stop for the police officer which resulted in a low speed pursuit from the area of Erringer and Cochran, which ended at (presumably) the suspects home at the Meadow Apartments next to Vons. The suspect than exited his vehicle and retreated within his residence ignoring all police commands, which promptly resulted in more officers responding to the call to what now became a barricaded suspect. . The suspect was ignoring all police commands, but contact was made with a female resident of the same household which allowed the @SimiValleyPD to help de-escalate the situation with communicating with the female resident and suspect inside. After about 45 minutes to an hour of continued talks with the residence, the police were finally able to detain the suspect and place him in their vehicle. Initially it was unknown why the suspect had ran, but it is now believed that the suspect may have been suffering from a mental health issue and was taken to the Simi Valley Hospital for a mental health evaluation and hold. . @SimiValleyPD will handle any further investigation if need be. Congratulations to all the officers involved during the incident who were able to successfully detain the suspect without any injuries to any party. . These photos were taken on a Canon 90D shot in RAW/manual format. These photos/videos are free to use with watermarks, for watermarkless photos/videos please email us at contact@2366media.com for more information. . #Ventura #SimiValleyPD #SimiValleyPoliceDepartment #SVPD #SimiValleyPolice #Police #Cops #Cop #PolicePursuit #PoliceChase #VenturaCounty #MentalHealth #Health #BarricadedSuspect #Suspect #5150 #2366Media #News #Media #BreakingNews #VCSO #CHP

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